Groundwork Therapy was founded in 2018 in Crown Heights, Brooklyn with the objective of creating convenient access to experienced clinical psychologists for the residents and professionals of Central Brooklyn.

We are committed to providing high quality, contemporary psychotherapy services to this creative, diverse, and dynamic neighborhood.

In addition to establishing a safe, confidential, accessible therapy practice, the founders aimed to design a professional office space with a modern and relatable aesthetic.

We felt it was important to name our therapy practice in a way that captures both the special energy of Brooklyn and the transformative process of psychotherapy. We chose “Groundwork Therapy” for its associations to Brooklyn’s constant development, reinvention and evolution, as well as the foundational work in therapy necessary before growth and positive change can take place. All growth starts with Groundwork.


Dr. Melissa Johnson, PsyD

Dr. Philicia Rubin, PsyD