Our Approach

The psychologists at Groundwork Therapy practice primarily from a contemporary psychodynamic perspective. From this foundation, we integrate cognitive-behavioral, dialectical-behavioral, solution-focused, and mindfulness techniques depending on each client’s individual needs. We believe that the primary goal of psychotherapy is to develop a deeper understanding of oneself, including greater awareness of compulsive, automatic or problematic patterns of behavior and how one relates to others. We believe that it is through increased self-awareness and self-understanding that individuals gain the freedom to make changes that will allow them to experience more fulfilling lives.

We at Groundwork Therapy strive to create a culture of mutual curiosity about our clients’ thoughts, beliefs, feelings, behaviors, and past experiences. We believe that this therapeutic process helps individuals become more aware of those “blind spots” that keep them stuck in dysfunctional and/or unfulfilling relationships, jobs, and living situations. Additionally, we encourage patients to use the therapeutic relationship as a laboratory to safely “experiment” with new ways of communicating and interacting.

In addition to guiding self-discovery, the psychologists at Groundwork Therapy also foster development of effective skills and tools to better manage and navigate the stress and challenges of life.


The psychologists at Groundwork Therapy have extensive education, training and clinical experience in gender and sexual diversity. We utilize an affirmative approach to psychotherapy, including using only those labels and pronouns with which our clients identify.

While you may identify as trans, queer, gay, sexually fluid, poly, asexual, or simply in love with someone of the same gender, we also recognize that these identities and relationships may have nothing to do with your reasons for seeking therapy. Your sexuality, gender identity, and relationships are only the focus for therapy if you want them to be so.


Dr. Melissa Johnson, PsyD
Co-Director & Licensed Psychologist

Dr. Philicia Rubin, PsyD
Co-Director & Licensed Psychologist

Dr. Nick Jackson
Anticipated NYS Psychologist License September 2019