Dr. Melissa Johnson
Co-Director & Licensed Psychologist

Dr. Melissa Johnson is a licensed clinical psychologist with a decade of clinical experience, including the provision of brief and long-term psychotherapy to adults and couples. She has a strong clinical background and interest in treating depression, anxiety, and trauma. She enjoys working with issues related to gender and sexual identity, loneliness, dysfunctional relationship patterns, challenges related to life transitions, and bi/multicultural identity issues.

Dr. Johnson believes that a safe, authentic, and trusting therapeutic relationship plays a key role in the healing, learning, and growing process. Her approach to therapy is relational, collaborative, active, and nonjudgmental. She values transparency and flexibility and encourages open and direct feedback from clients.

Dr. Johnson earned a MA and PsyD in Clinical Psychology at the California School of Professional Psychology in San Francisco. Her dissertation research focused on provision of gender-affirmative psychotherapy with gender-diverse children. She earned a BA in psychology with a minor in Critical Gender Studies at the University of California, San Diego.

Dr. Johnson can provide therapy bilingually in Spanish and English.

Dr. Philicia Rubin
Co-Director & Licensed Psychologist

Dr. Philicia Rubin is a licensed clinical psychologist with experience providing short and long-term therapy to adolescents, adults, and couples. She specializes in working with depression, anxiety, relationship difficulties, and issues related to gender, sexuality, and identity. Dr. Rubin spent six of her first ten years of clinical experience in college counseling centers and particularly enjoys working with undergraduate and graduate students as they navigate this unique and challenging time in their lives.

Dr. Rubin believes that a strong, trusting therapeutic relationship is the key to a successful therapy. She approaches therapy with a warm, collaborative, and down-to-earth style and strives to create a space where her clients can feel safe to be their true, authentic, and open selves. She uses genuine curiosity, compassion and sense of humor to foster connection.

Dr. Rubin co-founded Groundwork Therapy following a longstanding position at Fordham University’s Counseling and Psychological Services, where she held roles as Group Therapy Program Coordinator, Outreach Coordinator and Supervising Psychologist. Dr. Rubin earned her PsyD in Clinical Psychology at the California School of Professional Psychology in San Francisco after receiving her MS in Psychology at the University of California, Santa Cruz. She earned her BS in Psychology from the University of Florida.

Dr. Nick Jackson
Anticipated NYS Psychologist License September 2019

Dr. Nick Jackson is currently completing his post-doctoral training at Pace University counseling center. He will be joining Groundwork Therapy as a Staff Psychologist in September 2019 upon obtaining his New York State psychology license.

Dr. Jackson has experience providing short and long-term therapy to adolescents, young adults, adults, and couples. He specializes in treating mood disorders, relationship issues, substance abuse treatment and issues related to gender, sexuality, and identity. Dr. Jackson spent his initial phase of training working with individuals struggling with substance use and abuse as well as serving the LGBTQ+ community before transitioning to college counseling centers, where he provided individual and group psychotherapy to this dynamic population. Dr. Jackson enjoys working with individuals in periods of transition at any stage of life who are seeking to find balance, insight and personal growth.

Dr. Jackson approaches therapy with the belief that creating a safe, welcoming and validating relationship is paramount and utilizes warmth, curiosity and compassion to foster this dynamic. He utilizes an open-minded, creative approach to treatment that focuses on each individual’s strengths and capacity for resilience as well as areas of growth. Dr. Jackson approaches substance use treatment from a similarly collaborative and empowerment-focused perspective, emphasizing and supporting each client’s goals as they examine their substance use and associated behaviors.

Dr. Jackson completed his PsyD in Clinical Psychology at the Chicago School of Professional Psychology in Chicago in 2018, after receiving his MA in Applied Psychology from New York University in 2012. He earned his BS in English and Psychology from George Washington University.

Canine Support Staff

Apollo is Groundwork Therapy’s Canine Good Citizen (CGC) certified dog and is registered as a volunteer therapy dog with Alliance of Therapy Dogs. He is a mixed breed who was rescued from a high-kill shelter in Georgia. Apollo is present in the office on designated days of the week and attends sessions for those clients who are interested in his company. He is naturally skilled at providing emotional support, comfort, and affection. Apollo enjoys being outside, chewing on toys, and spending time with people.